Say what flavor you like and I have it for you... *ReLaunch

This is the blog's new look... I was tired of the gay (yeah, like this was not gay enough) template I had before so decided to change it a little bit. I know it's not great but God I spent my whole night finding it...
all right bitches, i'm off...
keep it fierce
keep it sexy

ps. the blog's name has also changed, in case you haven't noticed that already.... ARTIFICIALLY FLAVORED is the new bitch.... Fabulous!

1 comment:

Ricardo Valenzuela said...

me gusta quesea mas simple y mas como tu no como el anterior que se notaba que tu no lo hiciste... yo se que este tampoco pero me gusta que tu hayas metido un poco mas de mano... tambien me gusta que ayas agregado las fotos tuyas a un lado jajaj