When Trashy Meets Tacky, and Tacky Meets WACKY!

no, no hablare de puercas... jajaja yo se que el titulo se presta para que las mencione, pero NOT. they're not relevant (not now at least).

The MTV Movie Awards, aired yesterday left nothing in me but these fabulous 360 pics of some of my fave bitches ever
check this out:

*Christian Siriano and boyfriend, DJ extraordinaire, Brad Walsh

*Lauren Conrad

*Christian Siriano (alone)

*Paris Hilton and boyfriend Doug Reinhardt (may i say hawt?)

*CariDee English

i shall say i'm jelous i have not a 360 photo yet...    :'(

and skipping from fags to fabs...
Madonna's new boyfriend, brazilian model Jesus Luz, is beyond hot and i don't give a shit if he's using her for publicity or not. im sure she's pretty ok with that, why shouldn't i?
i know, i know, it's nothing new but who guess what? madonna isn't new either... gosh give me a brake!

ps. if you find a man that's worth a damn and treats you well, then he's a fool (you're just as well) HOPE HE GiVES YOU HELL... yet again!   :-o

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Madmuasel said...

hottie!!!! que hp lucky bitch