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  • "I know you probably think a girl like me is oh so vain." - Ciara.
  • "He says 'Hey girl, look here, turn left, right, up, down, POSE!' " - Ciara.
  • "I am as vain as I allow, I do my hair, I gloss my eyes." - Lady GaGa.
  • I love my hair. I iron flat it. I make it bigger, flat, whatever I want. And yes, I use A LOT of products.
  • I use an eye illuminating treatment.
  • Yes, I have used make up several times. (this one answers probably the most asked question ever)
  • HOWEVER, I look better without make up and that's the only reason I don't use it. Yeah, you can hate me now. I'm perfect.
  • I'm obsessed with my skin.
  • I watch what I eat. If I decide to do so...
  • I LOVE being skinny, get over it.
  • I go to the gym to make sure I don't get fat or saggy not be a muscle bitch.
  • I'm not anorexic. WOW!
  • I dance alone.
  • I sing.
  • I do videos dancing and singing, and i upload them to youtube and let few people watch them.
  • I do drag shows in my mind. I practice them in real life.
  • I dream of a fabulous life.
  • I love Lindsay Lohan.
  • I like fashion that much that I have no words to describe it. Period.
  • I think Tyra Banks should be my mother and not the one I have.
  • I've always wanted to be black, seriously BLACK. Like Seal or something.
  • "I smile when I'm angry, I cheat and I lie." - Ericka Coello.
  • I'm the most honest person I know, which of course is a big deal.
  • I'm my own persona.
  • I hate it when people copy something from me, but then I reconsider and realize it's because I'm a role model. Pretty much...
  • I love when people trash me and when someone hates me. It's all about the ego bitches...
  • I have never, ever loved someone. Romantically speaking of course, I just love my friends and family.
  • I try to stay away from people with too much complexes. Although my 3 best friends are a complex pool. Jesus!
  • I don't like my parents that much.
  • I don't care about natural disasters. That Haiti thing...bah!
  • I don't care about global warming, I just hate it because my hair suffers.
  • I am a nerd. I love to study and do homework.
  • I love to read, I just don't read what normal people read.
  • "My life: a fantasy that you're not smart enough to even dream" - Pink.
  • I wanna be a dermatologist, a lawyer, a makeup artist, a model, a fashion editor. But I do nothing to achieve my dreams.
  • The first thing I do when I wake up is take a mirror and check if I still look young.
  • I think I'm one of the most beautiful people in the planet. And yeah, I'm probably the ONLY ONE that thinks that.
  • I have never had self-esteem or self-confidence issues because I consider myself perfect.
  • I am the only one that believes in me, and I've learnt how to live with that.
I'm probably everything that you hate the most in one person, I know... But does that make me a bad person? Does it offend you? Does it male you uncomfortable?
Answers is all I want.


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