YELLOW is the color!

SOOOO! I found myself in a spontaneous hair product shopping spree the other day, and I fell in love with this lovely sales woman from the store and in our heated hair chat she started giving me advice on products I should try to make my have look even more gorgeous. At first I thought it was just a sales strategy to convince me to buy a "professional" product when I obviously don't have a credential to prove that I'm actually a professional in the beauty department, but the episode was the following.. She spotted me comparing my all-time favorite John Frieda Collection Straight Ahead shampoo and conditioner with this brand a cousin of mine have recommended me, VITANE for aged and damaged hair. She then started convincing me that I didn't need such thing because I had a shiny, healthy looking hair and to continue using my usual products. The chat expanded to a good 20 minutes and then after noticing my broad knowledge she grabbed my hand and walked me to the forbidden zone, the dream land... The professional wing, that is. Oh God I Saw Heaven! I could not believe myself and I was oh so thrilled to be admitted in such sacred place, where only the fabulously fabulous can enter. 

To make a very long story short, I ended up buying some amazing Yellow products that are not even publicly displayed, but since apparently I look like a hair dresser I could access them and I'd say few if I told you  I am absolutely in love with them. I have truly found love. Sigh.

ps. I'm visiting the tranny that does my hair today and I'm sure she's going to congratulate me for the good job I've done with my hair. If only she knew...

ps 2. I'm so very sorry I can't share the exact name of the products I bought, I don't want random people walking with flawless hair in the streets without me being acknowledged for (monetary acknowledgement, that is).


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