I Was Never Looking For Approval From Anyone But You

I am more than honored to be standing here in front of you today, probably the most important day in our lives. It is mine and I wish it is yours as well.

My name is Silvio Plaza and, six years ago, I entered the same doors you entered with a backpack, a goal, and a dream. My backpack was filled with the knowledge I had gained at high school, the goal to succeed, and the dream to be the best. I was certainly not the best but I am sure the happiest for having fulfilled the goal.

I, like you, have suffered the same frustration, anger, and even disillusion when something didn’t turn out the way it was expected. I’ve been pushed to breaking point and almost quit. But that is just the passion, the ecstasy of our electric youth. Every time that happened I would calm myself down and think that someday it will be worth it. Well it is worth it, and I’m sure all of you think the same way; otherwise you wouldn’t be sitting here tonight. It is, as a matter of fact, worth it. I once read a phrase that said, “if it doesn’t hurt it’s not working”. It sure hurt and it will sure work.

I am going to be honest. This University was not my first choice. It was not my dream to come here either. I did not plan it but I learnt how to embrace it make the best out of it. It does not matter that I did not plan it, it matters that I came, I stayed, and I damn rocked it. I’m sure this unexpected scenario will be repeated several times in our lives. Unexpected jobs, unexpected kids, unexpected marriages, etc. It does not matter what you plan to have but what life gives you. It is up to you to try the hardest and obtain the best results.

This country sees the birth of thousands of new professionals every year, ready to go out there and face the sharks. We are graduates of one of the top universities in Ecuador; we cannot afford to be less than perfect. Let us be the sharks! Let us be the ones they’re afraid of! Let us be the best!

Never ask what is it that he/she has that you don’t, ask instead, what is it that YOU have that nobody else does. That will set you apart. Expect nothing from anyone. You are the one that is going to make it or break it. You own your future, your destiny…

Let us not forget Steve Jobs’ words “stay hungry, stay foolish”. Let’s sharpen those teeth and let’s eat some weak fish! Stay hungry!

Congratulations class of 2012, WE DID IT!!!


Editor's note: This was one of my Composition's exercises - to write a speech. I chose to write a speech as if I was going to deliver it in my graduation's day. Of course that will never happen. The odds of me delivering the graduation's speech are the same as me walking a Galliano runway in drag. Besides, graduation's speeches are delivered in Spanish and God knows I cannot utter a word in Spanish.



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