Introducing Bobby McGee

After his walk and getting those strange smiles and cheerful greetings, Bobby McGee went back home and grabbed his leather bag and made sure his car keys were in it. He drove for about 40 minutes before he decided to go somewhere. He stepped out his car and found himself walking towards the house of someone he would have never thought of. He had never really cared about the way he looked but this time he tried to fix his hair a little and tuck his t-shirt in. He had lost a few pounds but still hid his stomach a little bit. His face wasn't showing what he felt inside though. His hands were seating but his smile was bright and shiny. He had always had a thing for whiter than white teeth and he used that to hide what he really felt – anger. Most of the times he would do that but not now. It was different. He was actually smiling for a different reason. 

He opened his old leather bag and checked his keys for the second time and reached out for his nasty cellphone to check the time although he had a pink gold watch on his right wrist. He never appeared to be the man he really was. Among the things in the bag, he found his forgotten iPod and felt like listening to music but he was about to ring the bell so he didn't see the point of it. He then realized the iPod had no battery anyway.

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lindo lindo.. buena historia sil!