Mr. Mayor

Dear Mr. Mayor
Come take a walk with me
Let's JUST PRETEND we're just two people and I'm not better than you
I'd like to ask you some questions if you can speak honestly...

What do you feel when you see all the homeless on the street?
Who do you pray for at night before you go to sleep?
What do you feel when you look in the mirror?
Are you proud?
How do you walk with your head held high?
Can you even look me in the eye?
And tell me why...

Dear Mr. Mayor
How can you say no child is left behind?
We're not dumb and we're not blind (at least I'm not!)
They're all sitting in YOUR malecon and near your house (oh wait no! they're not there cause your bodyguards kick them out of your Fabulous Neighborhood)

Dear Mr. Mayor
What kind of father might hate his own daughters if they were gay?
I can only imagine what God has to say about you:
"You've come a long way from whiskey and cocaine"

Dear Mr. Mayor
You'd never take a walk with me

"What kind of father MIGHT hate his own daughters IF THEY WERE gay?" IF THEY WERE significa "si ellas fueran"... pero no lo son
es un condicional simple, pero creo q necesitaba una aclaracion para q no hayan dudas
esas mujeres lo q menos pueden ser es gays, esa palabra es mucho para describirlas...


Ricardo Valenzuela said...

no entiendo se que es a nebot pero no sabia que tiene hijas gays, eso me recuerda a wilhemina de ugly betty cuando llamaba a su padre major na mas

GabriEeElEetOO said...

lo mismo q ricardo..
todo apunta a nebot
menos lo de las hijas
tenia conocimiento
que apuntaban a tu mismo

Gianni Chavez said...

creo que silvio lo aclaro todo en el post... pero en fin buena adaptacion de la cancion de p!nk... dear mr president... lo unico que no entiendo es porque de repente aparecio este post... que dijo o hizo aquel senior para merecer esto.. me refiero a la publicidad gratis..