SO, everybody knows i have like a serious Tyra-obssesion (i'm sorry, i can't help it)... But this is just SiCK! I mean I L O V E her more than ever... I know it's chessy and all, but gosh! she looks terrific in those webcam shots. I just love my mom Tyra, foreal!

She's now in this "owning and embracing your inner and outtter beauty" crusade, and it's like so very amazing. It almost makes me wanna wear make up so I can have "real" pics uploaded here sometimes hahaha, but no bitches, you already know my "real" skin and even hair for god's sake! (as you know I don't wear weave but I do iron flat mine, it's like super fun)

Go to tyrabanks.com to read her new MagaLine (Online Maganize) every month...

Look Fierce
Feel Fierce

xo xo

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