Since I was completely isolated from the world, I managed to not go crazy by reading my so last-year VOGUE collection I have next to my bed, and it kinda reminded me of my core purpose of my life in this planet. F as in Fashion, that is...

The Power Issue, March 2008 with Drew Barrymore in the cover (ViVA EL PHOTOSHOP, btw) caught my senses all the way and beyond.

The question is… what do you wear when you wanna fell powerful? HA. Is funny how personalities such as Mario Testino, Riza Cruz, Chris Knutsen, Plum Sykes, and even Norman Jean Roy answered things as “head-to-toe Prada”, “Manolo Blahnik python stilettos”, or “my red leather quilted Chanel bag”, made it impossible for me to not notice how come, and I mean HOW COME, I don’t own any high-end designer piece of clothing in my entire wardrobe (which I had made an inventory of). I mean, am I that trashy? The funny thing about it all is that I cannot say I’m white trash because I’m not white, and I cannot say ‘regular’ trash because I’m not even black either. Gosh! Like what am I supposed to do with that? Cry? Whatever! I’m the United United Colors of Benetton. And guess what? That’s so much better!

xo xo